Welcome t​o the Spring Gardens

Located just north of Center City Philadelphia, The Spring Gardens Community Garden allows 180 neighborhood families to come together, garden, and voluntarily maintain an entire block of open green space.

The Spring Gardens was built by neighbors from the ground up starting in 1995 and helps families grow food and flowers for themselves and for donation through two large City Harvest sections. The garden serves as an outdoor classroom hosting cooking workshops, gardening classes, school education tours, farm bike tours, and provides hands-on learning for student interns, visitors and volunteer groups.

Our Community

The Spring Gardens and the community have grown alongside each other. Started by community members in 1995, the formerly vacant lot is a popular destination open to all Spring Garden residents. It operates entirely on volunteer labor and donated resources. Since the beginning, the community’s control and oversight have never wavered, enabling the Gardens to grow and prosper. It has become a resource to the community, providing a beautiful, peaceful environment for families, friends, and gardeners to gather.

Green Space

Clean air, water filtration, and greenery have fostered a return of natural habitat to the site, including migrating and local birds. The Gardens’ innovative landscape design and signature wrought-iron fence maximizes the growing potential while allowing for meeting and relaxation in a natural, open space that enhances the community’s ecology. This healthy environment is a green oasis in a bustling city.

Urban Farming

Urban agriculture promotes energy-saving local food production–an important sustainable practice. In addition to enabling gardeners to grow their own fresh produce, it also addresses issues of food security and food safety by providing nutritious fruits and vegetables to low-income city residents through the PHS City Harvest program.

On a strictly volunteer basis, the gardeners contribute by leading seminars on gardening, harvesting, and food preparation, in addition to growing a considerable amount of produce for the program’s recipients.

We depend on your support!

The Spring Gardens is volunteer operated and managed, community-based 501(c)(3) non-profit. We welcome and depend on your donations to keep our garden operating. Any size donation helps!