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P.O. Box 56171
Philadelphia PA 19130

Steering Committee
Operating Committees:

Steering Committee
Sergio Armani, Chair
David Berch, Vice Chair
Michael Cherubini, Treasurer
Angelica Jaszek, Secretary
Greta Baith
Trish diPietrae
Ed Gruberg
Linda Hennessey
Liz McIlvane
Justino Navarro
Joe Trout
Russ Troyer
Kathe Zepernick


Operating Committees

City Harvest

The City Harvest Committee actively supports one of Philadelphia’s leading food programs, with many dedicated garden plots used solely to  grow and provide fresh vegetables weekly to the the City Harvest Food Bank throughout the growing season. In 2015, the Spring Gardens donated over 1,512 lbs of produce to local food pantries.

Contact: Anne Cook, Chair:

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee manages the Spring Gardens website, email communications, and social media (i.e., Facebook, Flickr); issues press releases; composes flyers, signs, and handouts; and, at its discretion, creates other materials necessary to communicate Garden activities with members and the community and promote a positive image of the gardens. It has a minimum of three members, one of whom can translate email, press releases, and other promotional materials from English to Spanish in order to meet the language needs of our community.

Contact: Meredith Stone, Chair:

Compost Committee

The Compost Committee works with gardeners to educate them on how to set up and maintain effective composting systems individually in their garden plots or shared with neighboring plots. The committee also composts all of the organic waste from the common areas of the garden and avails all of the members with great, finished compost to use in their individual plots

Contact: Doris Stahl, Chair:

Construction Committee

Carries out carpentry & construction related work.  Primary ongoing effort is annual reconstruction of the raised bed boxes and replacement of the railroad ties (foundation of the perimeter fence). Smaller projects include: the cover over the bulletin board, shade structure, and more.

Contact: Sergio Armani, Chair:

Design Committee

The Design Committee works to develop a Master Plan (the “Plan”) for the Gardens that reflects the values and needs of the Spring Garden Community and particularly those of the garden members. The “Plan” is the outline for development of the Garden so that the basic construction can move forward as time and resources permit. The “Plan” allows for input from Garden Members and the community and is flexible enough to accommodate changes and improvement as time and experience with the Gardens unfold. The Design Committee consists of at least five members.

Contact: Russ Troyer, Chair:

Events Committee

Responsible for coordinating and organizing volunteers for all garden, events, including quarterly garden meetings, tag sale, plant sale and picnics.  Responsible for considering requests for non-routine events.  The Parents Committee is a subcommittee of the Events Committee.

Contact: Greta Baith, Chair:

Marcia Connolly (Tag sale):

Kate Hovde (parents committee):

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews the annual operating and capital budgets and reports those budgets to the Steering Committee prior to their submission to the membership for approval. The committee consists of not less than three members of the Steering Committee, one of whom shall be the Treasurer, and two members from the membership who are appointed by the Steering Committee.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee maintains a list of contributors and ensures that all contributors are appropriately recognized and receive regular mailings of garden news. The committee periodically sets fund raising goals and solicits contributions to meet our goals.

Contact: Greta Baith, Chair:

Government and Neighborhood Relations Committee (Permanence Committee)

The committee maintains relations with government officials to ensure the viability of The Spring Gardens, secure governmental services for the gardens, procure funds as are available for the gardens, and keep governmental sources updated on the activity of the gardens. The Government and Neighborhood Relations Committee consists of no less than 2 members of the Steering Committee.

Contact: Justino Navarro, Chair:

Horticulture Committee

The committee serves as a planning and training body to the gardeners. Its main purpose is to enable the gardeners to grow in their knowledge of all aspects of gardening, such as crop rotation, pest control, climactic zone appropriate plantings, etc. The Horticulture Committee schedules workshops, and information session, and keeps gardeners informed of leading resources and gardening related events of interest to our gardening community.

Contact: Doris Stahl, Chair:

Nominating Committee

Voting members of the Steering Committee are selected and voted on by the garden membership at the annual fall meeting from a slate developed by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee consists of not less than five voting members of the garden. The chair of the Steering Committee will serve as a nonvoting member of the Nominating Committee, with no more than two members from the Steering Committee.

Contact: Anne Cook, Chair:

Plot Assignment Committee (Garden Rules Committee)

The Plot Assignment Committee (PAC) maintains the list of active gardeners and garden wait lists and assigns vacant plots. The Committee also reviews the Garden Rules yearly and gives a report to the Steering Committee in the spring (reviewed and amended as necessary for the well being of the garden and the gardeners). The PAC is appointed by the Steering Committee and has no less than 5 members. The PAC notifies the Steering Committee of involuntary plot forfeitures and steps taken to notify members and corrects the problems in advance of the forfeiture.

Contact: Chris Mulcahy:

Volunteer Service Committee

The Volunteer Service Committee serves as the organizing body for scheduling work sessions, events, and projects, and tracks member volunteer hours as required for garden membership. This committee posts, via the garden bulletin board and email, all communal work sessions, listing the specific tasks being planned for any given day as well as suggested volunteer tasks that members may accomplish if they should have a time conflict with the regularly scheduled work sessions, e.g., working independently in the evening on a communal weeding need.

Contact: Liz McIlvaine, Chair:

Water Committee

The water committee volunteers ensure that water storage barrels in the garden are filled daily during the growing season.

Contact: Eileen Mathers & Joe Spinelli, Co-Chairs: