Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact The Spring Gardens?

Visit the Contact Us page for more information or visit the Spring Gardens on a Saturday morning workday during growing season.

How do I become a garden member?
Group in the GardenTo become a gardener at The Spring Gardens you just need to sign up to be on our waiting list and wait.  Almost all new assignments occur in the spring after we are able to determine what plots are available. We make that determination by learning which gardeners from the previous season have not renewed their membership.  We start that process in February, and it takes at least 6 to 8 weeks to complete.  Waiting list names are called in the order that they were placed on the list; that order is based on the date of first inquiring. Please note, however, that only those who live within the Garden residence boundaries (Fairmount Avenue to Spring Garden Street and Broad Street to the Schuylkill River) can join the waiting list.

To have your name included on our waiting list, please email or mail the Plot Assignment Committee the following information: your name, home address, telephone number, and email address, if you have one.

How long does it take to become a member?
It varies from year to year, depending on how many openings we have in the spring.  As a possible gauge, in 2016, new members had been on the waiting list for about a year.

What does it cost to be a member?

Fees are set by plot size, and for 2016 they are:
10’x10′ = $35 per year                        10’x20′ = $60 per year

Fees are paid at the annual spring meeting in February.

Garden members also must contribute a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer service per year.

If I’m not a garden member, can I visit the garden?

Yes, please visit us on Saturdays during the gardening season.  Weather permitting we are open most Saturdays from 9:30AM-1PM spring, summer and fall for Volunteer Workdays.  If you would like to lend a hand, please check in with the workday coordinator.

You can also volunteer with City Harvest on Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:00 pm to help plant, harvest and transport produce to the donation site.

Is it possible to request a formal tour of the garden?

Yes, please contact the Garden Chairman (see the Contact Us page).

If I’m not a garden member, can I still be involved in helping the garden?

Yes, please contact the Volunteer Services Committee (see the Contact Us page).

How do I make a donation to the garden?
The Spring Gardens in a non-profit organization (501C3), and welcomes donations to help us maintain this unique city green-space. Please contact the Fundraising Committee at or by clicking on the donate button on the right and going to the Paypal website.

FAQ for garden members

When are workdays?
Gardener volunteer workdays are held many Saturday mornings, from 9AM-1PM, during the garden season, and the workday events are posted on the garden gate. It’s a fun way to meet other garden members, help maintain the common areas (such as the expansive lawn, perimeter beds sidewalk tree pits, paths, etc.), complete the mandatory 10 hours of volunteer service, and join in many projects to keep The Spring Gardens looking good and functioning well.

If I cannot make Saturday workdays, how can I make up my 10 hours of volunteer service?
If you are not able to attend, now there are assignments posted on the whiteboard for people who can’t make the workdays. You can also contact the Volunteer Services Committee, who can help to coordinate with areas of the Garden and/or special projects such as City Harvest.

If I want to organize a party in the garden, who should I contact?
Contact the Events Committee (see the Contact Us page).

If I want to donate food to City Harvest, what should I do?
Contact the City Harvest Committee (see the Contact Us page).

If I need assistance maintaining my plot, who should I contact?
Contact the Plot Assignment Committee (see the Contact Us page).

What are the various garden committees and how can I get involved?

The Spring Gardens Committees are listed on the Contact Us page. We welcome active participation and have many opportunities to get involved.  Please contact the Volunteer Services Committee or the committee chair to get involved.