How The Spring Gardens is Funded

The Spring Gardens is funded in two primary ways:

  • By the annual dues of member gardeners, which remain extremely low and vary according to plot size. The Garden deliberately limits the annual dues to cover only costs such as maintenance and watering, to keep our community affordable for all.
  • The second primary funding source has been contributions. Chief supporter has been the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society with substantial cash grants and in-kind support. The City of Philadelphia provided significant startup services with local District City Councilman Darrell Clarke giving valuable support. Private donations have come from individual members, neighbors, and local businesses and groups including virtually all the local restaurants.

Extensive volunteer work by gardeners themselves has permitted keeping the operating costs so low. However, the garden now faces serious capital and maintenance costs which will require significant funding. These projects include painting and maintaining the wrought-iron fence (4 city blocks in length), fence foundations, plot-border wooden frames, and more.

The Spring Gardens welcomes donations, grants, and volunteer contributions.

Please contact or you can donate via the PayPal link or by sending your donation to:

The Spring Gardens, PO Box 56171, Philadelphia PA 19130