Pest or Guest?

Need help identifying some of the wild or feral plants (a.k.a. weeds) in your garden? Here are some common pests (or uninvited guests) you can find in The Spring Gardens:

Morning Glory: This attractive vine usually sports purple, blue, pink, or white flowers will quickly overgrow your garden and go to seed.

Jimsonweed: This beautiful-but-poisonous pest features large, trumpet-shaped flowers and spiny seed pods.

Mallows: Some are large, some are creepers. All are “creeps” if they get out of control.

Nutsedge – this perennial grass-like weed grows quickly and can be deeply rooted and is often found in the garden paths.

Pigweed/Amaranth: This annual can be considered an uninvited guest since its young leaves can be eaten raw or cooked like spinach. Pull it or eat it.

Plantain: Another uninvited guest. The leaves taste best when they are young and tender. Eat it or pull it.

Purslane: This uninvited guest is a succulent with reddish stems and fleshy leaves. It has a lemony flavor, is high in omega-3s, and can be added to salads. Eat it or pull it.