Converted from an abandoned lot in 1995,  we started breaking ground and literally picking out the rubble from recently razed housing.  We were fortunate to receive help from our Councilman, Darrell Clarke, who helped us to remove the rubble and who provided a layer of topsoil the first season.

By the second season, we had received a nice grant from Philadelphia Green and were able to purchase soil, materials and wood to build the raised beds on the property.

The Spring Gardens Community Gardens are currently managed by a volunteer Steering Committee of neighborhood gardeners. The Steering Committee, which meets monthly, oversees planning, project implementation, fundraising, and policy making. All gardeners contribute to the Gardens’ maintenance, including general weeding, planting, mowing, and carpentry. Membership meetings, garden events, and dinners occur regularly. Additional Operational Committees contribute much of the ongoing design, maintenance, volunteer coordination, and other activities necessary to ensure a smooth operation of the community resource.

The landscape of this community space enhances the area with its plentiful trees, bamboo grove, and large open space for picnics and gatherings. Because of its beauty, the Gardens routinely earn recognition from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s City Gardens Contest. PHS also supports The Spring Gardens through its urban greening initiative, Philadelphia Green. Local elected leaders, restaurants, and other businesses, also strongly endorse the garden.

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